Hanging Air Plants In Bathroom

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Care tips include making sure the plant is in a cool place with high humidity and indirect light. China doll plants need bright indirect sunlight and moist well drained soil and must be protected from drafts.

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Yes even your bathroom could use some plants.

Hanging air plants in bathroom. Loving steamy humid conditions and able to thrive in low light it is also a great air purifier known for filtering out formaldehyde commonly found in bathroom products. You will typically see them in groupings of 3 or 5 or more due to the fact that most are quite small in size. Hang air plants from the bathroom ceiling.

A dark green china doll plant radermachera sinica is perfect for sliding into a bathroom corner near a window. 17 best houseplants for your bathroom. The mother in law s tongue also known as the snake plant is a great choice for the bathroom.

A post shared by down for decor downfordecor on jan 16 2018 at 2 57pm pst why have one when you can have a whole corner of greenery. Asparagus fern asparagus densiflorus the spruce leticia almeida. Boston ferns are some of the more popular choices for houseplants.

8 shower plants that want to live in your bathroom. Since they like the heat and moist conditions they ll thrive in the warmth of your bathroom. Use clear fishing line to create a floating look.

Airy lacy asparagus fern loves the humidity of a bathroom. 4x different tillandsia air plant mix air plants perfect plants for indoor plants office plant bathroom plants house plants vivariums and terrariums not toxic by craftmoor. Choose ones that require little sunlight and lots of humidity like a snake plant pothos or bird s nest fern.

You will often find ferns in homes hanging from a basket but they also work surprisingly well in a bathroom. The indoor air flow of your bathroom provides just that especially if you re a fan of toasty showers. There are plenty of types of fern to choose from.

While many gardeners complain that these blooms are temperamental the real trick is that you simply need to stick them on a bathroom windowsill. Alternatively you can use hanging air plant holders. In addition you can easily hang them from the ceiling a shelf or a shower rod because they are small and lightweight.

Ferns of all descriptions do well in bathroom areas prop them along the side of your bathtub on the sink or on a plant stand on the floor. Celiachen also known as the zz plant for zamioculcas zamiifolia the eternity plant is surely named that because it can. It does well in.

Orchids are tropical plants that flourish in heavy humid environments. Bamboo bambusa spp begonia begonia spp bromeliads various genera cast iron plant aspidistra elatior.

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